Vincent on His Source of Inspiration,

Vincent on His Source of Inspiration,

TEAMTALK | Forget about has it all! It was that initially introduced me to George Kembel's ideas on awakening creativity. Kembel has since been a great source of guidance and inspiration in the development of THNK's own brand of Dutch Design Thinking methodology. All thanks to!


At the time of our exploratory research when preparing to write the THNK business plan, we performed an extensive targeted search throughout the Internet on topics like leadership, design, technology, and entrepreneurship. And so it occurred that on 15 August of 2009, I was researching new approaches to design and stumbled upon a recently released video by the title of “Awakening Creativity”. The video captured an on-stage presentation taken at the Chautauqua Institution just one day earlier on 14 August 2009 and showed a man called George Kembel, the director of a new kind of design school at Stanford University, exploring ways to tap the latent human capacity for creativity and innovation. Surely, my attention was drawn!


While watching the video, I could not help but feel inspired without a single interruption for its entire 72 minutes. Kembel's story was just spot-on and I wanted to meet that man! Five months later, in February of 2010, we actually had a chance to meet with George and from that moment onwards we are closely working with him and his team to develop our own Dutch Design Thinking methodology.


Later, it turned out that George's presentation had become one of the most appreciated online videos for the year 2009 and has since travelled to every corner of the Net. Initially however, it was posted on a website called, which so happens to be the leading online destination for mind-boggling and life-changing videos on "people, issues, and ideas changing the world". offers both free and fee-based video viewing of live events, lectures, and debates on topics that are categorized under one of six labels: Economy, Environment, Politics, Science, Technology, and Culture. Or as it is phrased by itself: "At, we believe that there are brilliant ideas expressed everyday, everywhere, and we don’t want you to miss them. We've gathered the web's largest collection of unmediated video drawn from top conferences, universities, and public forums. We present this provocative, big-idea content for you to watch, interact with, and share—when, where, and how you want". In 2009, was awarded to be one of TIME's 50 best websites in the world. was founded in 2005 and is based in San Francisco. is an endless source of inspiration!


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