Vodafone participates in first Creative Leadership Program

Vodafone participates in first Creative Leadership Program

Vodafone Netherlands will be among the first companies to actively participate in THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. The agreement allows Vodafone to enter participants in this year’s first edition of THNK’s flagship Creative Leadership Program. In addition to this, Vodafone will have the opportunity to provide a ‘Challenge’.


“We are very pleased to have Vodafone as one of our first corporate participants,” says Menno van Dijk, co-founder of THNK. “The company has a strong vision on leadership development, and is operating in an environment where creativity and innovation are of vital importance. Not only will Vodafone contribute participants, they will also engage in an exciting joint challenge, leading to breakthrough results.”


Challenge projects are an important element of THNK’s Creative Leadership Program. These are relevant, real life questions or problems, provided by THNK’s business, social and public partners. By working on such challenges, using THNK’s Creation Process, participants develop creative leadership skills as they work towards finding creative and valuable solutions for the partners.


“Leadership development is vital in our constantly changing environment,” says Jens Schulte-Bockum, CEO of Vodafone Netherlands. “Creative, innovative leaders drive corporate culture. Vodafone’s creative leadership program enables opportunities every day. THNK offers the environment and support to develop this essential style of leadership.”


To Vodafone, the presence of remarkable “master practitioners” (THNK’s practical professors) such as Philips former Chief Design Officer, Stefano Marzano, architect Ben van Berkel and designer Marcel Wanders are proof that THNK’s creative leadership program is truly one of a kind.

To join the upcoming THNK Creative Leadership Program, visit the program page to find out if you qualify or download the program brochure.