Watch THNK FSTVL 2016 highlights

Watch THNK FSTVL 2016 highlights

On the weekend of October 7th, 8th and 9th, the annual THNK FSTVL took place at the THNK Home in the heart of Amsterdam. This year’s FSTVL focused on the theme of Resilience and provided the opportunity for our global community of THNKers (past Executive Leadership Program participants) to connect, reconnect, co-create and get ready for their next big step.


Our FSTVL highlight video captures the energy and community spirit of the 3 day event and features scenes from every session over 3 floors. Experience the highlights.

The weekend was filled with workshops, great food, pitches and inspiring sessions hosted mostly by THNKers. In just four years, THNK has grown to become a worldwide community of over 450 creative leaders from over 50 countries. FSTVL brings hundreds of community members together from all over the world to empower one another, fuel each other’s ideas, and accelerate our collective impact. This video was shot and edited by Jack Bartrop, THNK’s Digital Marketing Manager. All attendees of this year’s FSTVL were previous participants of our Executive Leadership Program. This program is a 6-month part-time learning journey for leaders looking to to realize their fullest, personal potential and scale their world-changing enterprise idea. Find out more.

To become a part of the next FSTVL and to join the upcoming program, find out if you qualify or download the program brochure on the program page.