What’s Keeping You From Redesigning Your Lifestyle?

Steffie Verstappen
August 30th, 2010
Article by: Steffie Verstappen
What’s Keeping You From Redesigning Your Lifestyle?

INITIATIVES | Let's face it, "The Four Hour Work Week"—which roughly propagates escaping 9 to 5, living anywhere you want, and joining the new rich—is probably not realistic for most of us. I do wonder, however, to what extent "average" (in quotes) people are able to free themselves from general societal views on "work" and redesign their lifestyles according to what they believe will make them happier individuals. The Life Design Project attempts to do just that by testing the approaches of popularized "life style designers". Check it out.


The Life Design Project was started by Rob, who is being assisted by his friends as well as people that he meets along the way. Rob has set out to test the feasibility of "creating additional income while freeing up time to chase your dreams". The Life Design Project adopts the approaches of popularized "life style designers" and sets out to test whether they are real or merely hype, while closely documenting their journey online.


The Life Design Project essentially invites all of us to join in an open source life designing experiment.