THNK is an entrepreneurial start-up.

We are fun-loving, innovative, intelligent individuals with amazing networks all over the globe. We hire the best people, providing them with freedom and responsibility, helping them to grow themselves. This means that we try to create a caring environment where people help and support each other and demand the best at the same time.

THNK Homes around the world offer the opportunity to gain experience in a fast-growing start-up, collaborate with the very best in creative leadership and innovation, and have a lot of fun.

Current Vacancies

Facility and Hospitality Support (Part-time)

Are you interested in an exciting new job with an international team? Do you want to make a key difference to the way participants experience our programs?  Are you service-orientated, practical and enjoy making sure that everything runs smoothly?

Then this role might be the perfect fit for you!

In this role you will be part of our program support team in Amsterdam ensuring everyone has the facilities and services at their disposal which they need to participate in activities and to do their work.

THNK offers experiential creative leadership and innovation programs that accelerate and enable the most committed and collaborative leaders to make impact. Our participants come from all over the world and programs often run from morning until evening, multiple days in a row, which is why it’s important for us to create an environment that makes people feel at home.

By welcoming participants, making sure meals and breaks are well organised and by keeping work spaces stay tidy, you will largely contribute to this goal, making THNK feel like a school and home to participants during their stay in Amsterdam.


  • Welcoming and hosting participants at THNK
  • Coordination of meals with our catering company as well as making sure everything needed for lunch and dinner is set-up and available
  • Setting up breakfast and snacks during program breaks
  • Cleaning after meals, loading and unloading dishwasher and making sure everything is stored appropriately
  • Support in the maintenance of the building and facilities, ensuring that everything functions as it should. This includes ensuring that spaces remain tidy
  • Organising the storage room, receiving deliveries and being the person of contact for suppliers
  • Work closely with our facilities manager and program managers to receive updates on the program schedule
  • Set-up programs rooms for specific program elements
  • Take on reception desk tasks when needed e.g. welcoming guests at the door, registering guests, taking incoming phone calls
  • Make people feel at Home when they are at THNK

Key Competencies:

  • Service oriented, experience in hospitality is an advantage
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Pro-active and eager to learn
  • Being observant and having an eye for detail
  • Play nicely with others and be assertive when needed
  • Good English skills (Dutch is an advantage but not required)
  • Not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty

Working hours

  • We’re looking for someone to support the team part time with flexible working hours, on average 20 hours per week.
  • During program days, work hours are evening shifts from 4.30pm -10.30pm, or morning shifts 7.30am-11.00am. We usually have one 8-day programs every other month and some additional shorter programs in-between.
  • Availability to work during the week as well as weekends is an advantage

To apply please send an email with CV and cover letter to


THNK School of Creative Leadership is a social enterprise with a mission to develop and support creative leaders to resolve large societal challenges. To this end, we bring together experienced social entrepreneurs, commercial entrepreneurs, public servants and corporate leaders from across the world to work on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and gender and inclusiveness.

One of THNK’s core activities is the design and delivery of custom or “in-company” programs to pre-eminent corporate clients that are shaping their industries, such as Johnson & Johnson, Naspers, and the Port of Rotterdam. We also work on innovation and leadership topics with academic institutions such as Stanford University, the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley and ShanghaiTech.

THNK’s in-company approach is fresh and different; as Forbes Magazine writes, “A combination of unexpected, deep collaboration and learning-by-doing amid real life problem-solving makes the anti-classroom of THNK stand out … This highly disruptive introspective approach is buoyed by the belief that change must first happen on a personal level before it can be successfully implemented within teams, organizations, business, and society”.

Hallmarks of THNK in-company programs include:

  • Focus on corporate clients that are credible in their efforts to pursue positive impact on people and planet in addition to profit
  • Drive for results and, more concretely, tangible participant learning and business impact
  • Multi-disciplinary approach, drawing from several schools of thought, including design-thinking, leadership, entrepreneurship, systems thinking and critical thinking
  • Truly experiential learning, that prioritizes participant energy, engagement and connection to daily reality rather than lecture, theory and knowledge transfer

The team responsible for these so in-company clients is led by Natasha Bonnevalle, Mark Vernooij and Rajiv Ball, each of whom has over 15 years of experience in serving leading global companies at Board level on topics relating to creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, gender and inclusiveness.

As a result of continued growth in THNK’s in-company activities, we are looking for outstanding individuals who subscribe to the mission of THNK and are eager to join our team in the role of Service Line Director.

A Service Line Director is responsible for leading or co-leading a THNK in-company service line. Our in-company services lines address client needs in Innovation, Leadership Development, and Gender and Inclusiveness and:

  • Address topics of Board level relevance
  • Aspire to have a transformational impact on participants, their wider organization and society more generally
  • Are typically a multi-month journey with a minimum program price of EUR 100K per program

Service Line Director activities are responsible to:

  • Develop innovative, world-class content and delivery formats that truly shift participant mindsets and behaviors, in conjunction with other THNK Service Line Directors
  • Identify and build new corporate clients
  • Help clients to articulate and structure their (learning/enterprise) needs with a clear eye on transformational program impact
  • Maintain independence to tell a client if THNK is not the best partner for their needs
  • Prepare proposals and lead efforts in pitching these proposals successfully to clients
  • Oversee a team consisting of a Program Director, Program Manager and Faculty to ensure successful detailed design and delivery of programs
  • Work with the THNK Finance Director to manage the program to budget, including all the invoicing and legal/procurement paper work that accompanies a program

Key performance indicators of a Service Line Director are:

  • An attraction of inspirational clients with meaningful work in both volume and quality. To this end, we are looking for Service Line Directors to bring in a minimum of EUR 300K of revenue in their first year with THNK, rising to a minimum of EUR 500K in subsequent years
  • Development of programs that are truly at the cutting edge of their relevant field
  • Positive participant and business impact generated through the programs
  • Feedback from clients
  • Feedback from fellow Service Line Directors
  • Feedback from faculty and staff

A Service Line Director:

  • Has senior stature and the ability to engage Board-level executives
  • Brings deep expertise in learning program design and delivery as well as depth in the Service Line she or he is developing
  • Has international work experience with a strong appreciation of diversity
  • Is resourceful, self-directed, structured and organized
  • Can balance intuitive insight with an unrelenting eye for the detail that is required to deliver world class programs
  • Is a good team player and inspirational people leader of THNK faculty and staff, able to build inclusive teams
  • Has presence and the ability to engage a group of senior participants in a class room setting
  • Typically brings 5 plus years of consultative selling experience at Board level, with a proven track record of selling professional services projects over EUR 50K each

Over time, we expect Service Line Directors to have a deep understanding of all dimensions of “creative leadership” as defined by THNK, plus deep expertise in at least one topic (e.g., leadership, corporate innovation, gender and inclusiveness) and be seen as a role model for THNK’s values and way of working.

Service Line Director compensation consists of a base salary and performance related pay (the latter accounting for up to one-third of total compensation) and is consistent with THNK’s status as a young social enterprise. The role can be between 50 per cent and full time and is Amsterdam-based, although we are open to considering applications from exceptional candidates who are located in other geographies.

We are particularly keen to attract applications from potential Service Line Directors who increase the diversity of the current Service Line Director team.

If you are interested in applying for the role, then please send your CV and a cover letter, in particular highlighting your Board-level consultative selling experience, to Rajiv Ball (


For everyone who has completed the THNK Executive Leadership Program as a participant, there is a rich variety of opportunities to work with THNK.

In most cases the individual THNK participant proposes opportunities based on her own passion and purpose, expertise, and entrepreneurial vision. The opportunity typically starts with a one-on-one discussion with one of the THNK Partners (Femke BartelsRajiv Ball, Mark Vernooij or Natasha Bonnevalle) followed by submission of a presentation or letter of intent on behalf of the participant and then a period of joint exploration and scoping of the opportunity for collaboration. In this, we are particularly keen to foster long-term collaborations between THNK and former participants





Involved in the design and delivery of a THNK program. This includes the Executive Leadership Program, the in-company programs, and the in-city programs. Roles include those of Challenge Coordinator, Experience Designer, Master Practitioner, Forum Curator, Leadership Coach, and Acceleration Mentor.



Asked to engage in a creation effort to develop a creative solution to a large social challenge. This could include a Challenge in the Executive Leadership Program, or a Game-Changer In-Company project, or a project to incubate a Challenge Concept.



Bringing an innovative enterprise concept resulting from a THNK Challenge from the initial idea to a further articulation, assembling an entrepreneurial team, conducting a pilot, orchestrating the right partnership model and setting up the legal and ownership structure, leading to a first income.



Developing a new program within the portfolio of THNK activities. This includes programs for new target groups, as well as new formats (e.g. online), new cooperation models to realize creative solutions for large social challenges (e.g. Corporate Venturing, Accelerator, Business Plan Competition).