Adriana Caliri

Adriana Caliri
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Malaga, Spain
Other projects and organizations include: Renaissance-CEC
THNK connection: Leadership Coach

Born and raised in Italy, I grew up surrounded by a rich culture in which art, passionate people, and good food were integral to life. My drive to make an impact through my career is rooted in my deep passion for connecting with people from different cultures and creating together. This passion took me on a journey of 25 years of international corporate experience in several executive leadership positions across Europe and the US.

My transformative life shift happened twelve years ago when after several months of deep frustration and anxiety at work, I made a conscious decision to take my life back into my own hands and found my authentic leadership voice within my organization.

Two years ago, I left the US and the corporate world to fully dedicate my life to helping individual “finding their wings”. I moved with my husband to a sunny village in the south of Spain where we opened our company: Renaissance-cec.

Our niche is helping leaders and companies to find their inner power and purpose and lead with courage from the inside out. In a time of uncertainty and constant change, being able to clarify the unique contribution we all bring to work is the most impactful and transformative first step towards inclusive environments, where diversity is the key source of creativity and innovation.

Beyond work, I love painting, walking at the beach with my husband and my dogs, playing tennis, and meeting new people in my charming new home village.