Agavni Jessaijan

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 09

Agavni Jessaijan
CEO & Creative Director
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I love to embrace my crazy self. And I believe in basic goodness.

My nature: enthusiastic, super curious and open minded. I call myself a creative entrepreneur. My core business is internal communication (still a lot of stuff to do in business life) for changing environments (gotta love change). I really do believe that everything is possible as long as you believe in it and that taking risks and experimenting is what’s driving real change. I can't get enough to continuously step out of my comfort-zone. I'm freaking practical and that's why I get shit done all the time.

I studied Life. And I still do. Luckily.

5 years ago I decided to be self employed and build my own communication business. Currently redesigning internal communications, with a huge cultural aspect in ongoing organizational & IT transformations in the Digital and Innovation area, for large enterprises most of the times within the Telco industry.

I joined THNK, to investigate and do something with at least these goals: to make internal communications fully intuitive and to scale my own business.

In my spare time I love to practice and read about buddhism, relax through street photography and the most important part of a day, to workout through movement, hot yoga, fitness and kickboxing. And also some surfing, kite-surfing and snowboarding too, just for fun. My last challenge was a 100 Day Yoga Challenge after my THNK Class 9 experience & the THNK FSTVL to practice resilience in daily life. It actually worked:)

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