Alberto Nieto

EMERGE - Class 09

Alberto Nieto
Web Developer
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
Other projects and organizations include: CUP Exterior and Red de Solidaridad Migrante
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I am an expat from Barcelona living in Amsterdam, where I work as a web developer.

I have completed an MSc in Philosophy and an MSc in Political Science. My research interests focus on political philosophy and on the analysis of ideology and discourse in liquid modern societies.

I have also graduated as Senior Technician in Networks & Computer Systems Management. The technologies I work with are PHP object-oriented, MySQL, JavaScript-jQuery and HTML5-CSS3.

I have participated as co-founder and coordinator of the Expat Solidarity Network in the Netherlands, as elected member of the Spanish Residents Council in the Netherlands, as member of the Validating Council at DiEM25, and as socio-political analyst on Latin American social transformation initiatives at XminY.