Alborz Toofani

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 04

Alborz Toofani
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Dubai

I’m a dedicated entrepreneur, with a passion for starting projects both on and offline. At 19 I got involved in real-estate and in trading properties. At 23 I decided to liquidate all properties and move to Dubai to launch my own startup called SnappCard – a consumer engagement and customer loyalty platform that is tailored to the Food & Beverage sector.

Leadership is a role I stepped into to bring my passions to life. Leading by example gives energy to my team and this motivates me to step into the role of expansion, fundraising, culture and strategy, allowing me to work on business growth and looking ahead, while taking care of those around me and our business connections.

Food and cooking are huge parts of my life, essential for health and spending quality time with people. That’s one of the reasons I built a business with the mission of giving offline merchants such as restaurants a digital edge. I also invested into Wndrfuel - a super healthy Co-Working Cafe in Cologne (Germany) that focuses on fuelling the body and the soul.