Alda Matias

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 03

Alda Matias
Director of the External Funding Affairs Unit
I am based in: Braga e Região


I have been the Director for Unit for the Structural Funds Affairs in Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, the largest charity of Portugal, for the past 23 years, with a short stint in charge Prospective, Planning and Statistics Unit. In this capacity I have been responsible for the funding and financial monitoring of a lot of the work relating to Horizon 2020 and Portugal 2020 since its inception, and all the work co-financed by Structural Funds.


I am a determined and curious person, being very committed to the tasks at hand, while building creativity and innovation into my daily life, as a motivation and energy source. I enjoy co-creating the projects I work on, bringing out the best of people in the process, and co-owning the need to see it to completion. In an increasingly complex world, it’s important for me to approach issues with optimism and creative solutions, making everything simple and cool.