Ale Duarte

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 13

Ale Duarte
Somatic Therapist & Educator
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Rio de Janeiro

I am a somatic educator who travels around the world offering training to professionals who work in the fields of psychology, education and body-oriented therapy. My specialty is experience in child trauma, and the inherent ability of a child’s body to recover from trauma impact, through highly tuned somatic consciousness within the therapeutic relation.

As part of my professional career, I have provided logistic support to professionals in areas of natural disasters and conflicts in many countries, such as the tsunami in Asia in 2005, Hurricane Katrina in 2006, the earthquake in China in 2008, the tsunami in Japan in 2011, and the civil conflicts in Sri Lanka and Syria.

My dynamic collaboration to several agencies, hospitals and other multidisciplinary institutions reflects my dedication to sharing attuned-based approach to healing, self-exploration and well-being for children, adults and global communities. I work directly with victims and survivors and offer training and logistic support to crisis teams.

I am certified in the leadership program of the Meta Integral Academy in California, Leadership Coaching by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, Somatic Experiencing®, Rolfing Structural Integration® and Rolfing Movement, with professional practice since 1995.