Alejandro Barbero

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 11

Alejandro Barbero
Director, Strategy & Finance
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Florida


I am a customer-centric, growth-driven strategist. My 20 years of dynamic, global experience is showcased by the sustainable growth I've established in a variety of industries, including real estate, forestry, recreation, minerals and construction, as well as the new businesses I've launched in the US, Chile, and Argentina. No solution is a good solution unless the organization aligns behind it. I focus on value creation by aligning performance for success with clear objectives that support the strategic plan, setting metrics, and regularly tracking results.


Passionate about conquering new challenges and helping others grow, I am a problem solver, who motivates people to develop solutions and to also be part of the solution. These same passions distinguish me as a master of presentation, who simplifies complex problems into actionable pieces. In addition, my traits of exemplary focus and discipline enable me to fully succeed in directing projects and guiding teams by setting goals in advance, then following up with consistent weekly and daily planning.


In my current position as Strategy Director for Rayonier Inc., I mobilized the evaluation of a 200,000-acre property portfolio, identified seven near-term real estate development opportunities in 4,000 acres, and obtained Board approval for a $40MM project. And, as a number’s guy, I evaluated growth opportunities for $16B+ including valuation and financial modeling.


Above all, my best qualities are my sense of humor, and my ability to have fun at work. However, my family are what’s truly most important to me, my wife, Veronica, and our two wonderful sons are my inspiration.