Aleksas Drozdovskis

Aleksas Drozdovskis
Head of Brand Strategy & Innovation
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Vilnius
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 11

Raised in Lithuania and having lived in Moscow, London, Amsterdam, and Nicosia over the past decade, I never stop learning how this world works.

After receiving an honors degree with a distinction in International Marketing, I have completed a series of qualification-based training at Account Planning Group (APG) in London, and hold a Design Thinking & Innovation postgraduate certification from British Higher School of Art & Design.

I have worked with blue-chip enterprises and startups on strategic design solutions including value propositions, sustainable brand strategies, and creative narratives. I combine my social, strategic, and creative skills to create clarity and come up with solutions for all kinds of challenges.

Currently, I serve as the Head of Brand Strategy & Innovation at Yandex Zen, an AI-powered media platform for content creation and distribution released by one of Europe's largest internet companies, Yandex.

Prior to joining Yandex, I served as a Head of Strategy at Wargaming, the video game company behind World of Tanks, a flagship free-to-play title with a whopping base of 150 million players worldwide. Together with an amazing team, I was on a mission to make millions of players happy every day. Under my leadership, we have set up in-house marketing and creative operations and developed top-notch solutions bridging product design and creative communication.

Before transitioning to the video game industry, I was responsible for clients' brand development and creative transformation at Omnicom Group, a global leader in marketing communications. Guided by my innate curiosity, I have designed award-winning projects fostering digital literacy and led teams I worked with to set new benchmarks for brand innovation and pushing boundaries of creativity in business.

I'm working with organizations to accelerate learning cultures and build brand excellence. I strongly believe in initiatives based on ideas that come at the intersection of different knowledge domains, designed to bring value to people and communities. Among other things, I am advising a number of fast-growing European technological businesses, as well as working on independent projects.

As a result, in 2018, I was named an Associate Member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), a New York-based organization that drives the creative, technical, and professional progress of the Internet and evolving forms of interactive and new media.

I'm a passionate keynote speaker, guest lecturer, and jury member at creative industries conferences, educational institutions, in-company forums, and award shows. I often lecture on strategic design and marketing matters from creative culture to business intelligence.

Often, you can find me wandering around in beautiful high pine forests next to the Baltic Sea to get my portion of inspiration to use in my work. To wind down, I also love long runs and weekend mornings with a good book and black coffee in a favorite downtown cafe.