Alexandra Almaral

Alexandra Almaral
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
Other projects and organizations include: The Shift Initiative
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Change, human behavior, and multicultural and intercultural dynamics are at the core of my work. Born in Venezuela, spending my formative years in the US and Spain, and making London the home where I formed and built my career, I am now enjoying making my life in Amsterdam. My natural focus and enthusiasm for cross-cultural behavioral insights and human transformation have grown from being a third-culture kid (TCK). Navigating cultural differences has become an ingrained skill, and holding the questions of identity, place, and belonging are important drivers of my work.

I am an Aesthete. I love contemporary art and being surrounded by natural beauty. Especially tropical environments when I can! This deep appreciation of beauty has motivated me to specialize in the intersection of human behavior and design thinking as they relate to culture, industry, and silos in emergent, growing, and often volatile spaces. With a Degree in Design and Contemporary Art from the University of Barcelona, I also hold a degree in Strategic Marketing from IE Business School and an Executive Masters in Coaching and Consulting for Change from INSEAD.

I am currently building on my design and innovation experience; with researching psychodynamic methodologies in investigating the ‘Ambiguity of Change’ to developing my core interest of creating a holistic and healthy female experience, as it intersects with working life and excited about the role that technology could play in supporting this be a more integrated journey. I love Marvel and Superhero movies, and think they can often be applied to working women in real life! I am also developing The Shift Initiative, a growing collective of senior experts who support individuals and organizations navigate change through a multidisciplinary approach.