Alexandra Coimbra

Alexandra Coimbra
Program Manager and Quest Coordinator
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon
THNK connection: Staff


As part of the core team bringing THNK to Lisbon, I am the Local Program Manager and responsible for individual journey - embracing the challenge to help relocate THNK in a Mediterranean environment.

I maintain the flow, integrate different THNK elements and make the right choices in time to guarantee the flow of the program. This attention to detail is crucial for the success of each participant and is, after all, what keeps my adrenaline flowing.

Being a psychoanalyst has always urged me to foster change and better the ones surrounding me. Consequently, THNK objectives and ideals strike me as a perfect match.
Before she joined the core team bringing THNK to Lisbon she accumulated the clinical practice with several community projects designed to promote mental health among youngsters. The largest of these projects involved three european countries and around 90K participants.
Hiking, Reading and Photography are her passions.