Alexandra Rutley

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 02

Alexandra Rutley
 Professional Storyteller & Corporate Innovator
I am based in: Calgary


I solve business problems with the power of story and the practice of innovation. I have a talent for listening, observing, and translating – and building solutions that will transform. After spending some time working in the exempt securities market, disruptive problem-solving and innovative communications landed me a stellar job with Alberta's largest bank, ATB Financial. There, I became the champion and official storyteller for their award-winning investment portfolios, which is when I developed an interest in the intersection of finance and innovation - and their impact on society.


My career in financial services was preceded by work in the hospitality and tourism industry – creating new restaurant concepts, and incentive programs that flew people around the world – in addition to a few irrelevant stints working in a motorcycle shop and merchandising furniture. A business degree from the University of Calgary pushed me in the right direction (because you need to know the rules before you break them), but I've generally learned everything I know through bursts of obsession.


I am a local citizen who is globally mindful. As a fourth generation Calgarian, I place considerable importance on supporting and elevating my community first. My involvement with the Calgary Stampede, a not-for-profit community organization, preserves and celebrates our western heritage, cultures and local community spirit. I also work with the University of Calgary Entrepreneurship and Innovation students, coaching budding entrepreneurs in support of the local economy.


I have a passion for pioneering new ideas, which has been a constant theme throughout my career. My current focus is to create systematic change in our capital markets for the well-being of future generations. To inspire a new model - focused not only on how much money is raised, and on investor returns, but also on how we generate value for users, elevate communities and build a more equitable and inclusive system.