Alexandre Fernandes Filho

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 11

Alexandre Fernandes Filho
Head of Marketing and Audience Development
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Rio de Janeiro

I am a cultural entrepreneur and a museum marketing specialist with a track record of international experiences in the corporate and non-profit sectors. As head of marketing and audience development of Museum of Tomorrow, I have been engaged in creating inclusive and thriving environments for learning and conviviality at the Museum through the comprehension of peoples needs and desires.


I was born in Recife, Brazil and have lived in 6 different countries, including the USA, Germany, Spain, and Australia. I worked for several years in renewable energy, sustainability and technology projects in organizations such as Phlips, Vale and R20 Regions of Climate Action. In 2013, I co-founded the IDG Group (Institute of Development and Management), an organization dedicated to improve and modernize cultural management practices at major cultural ventures in Brazil, transforming my great passion for museums into my main professional activity.


As spokesperson of Museum of Tomorrow, I have been giving presentations worldwide, inviting different audiences to imagine a sustainable world and raising awareness about the impact of the choices we, as persons, citizens and members of the human kind, are making today and how these choices will lead to different possible tomorrows.


Believing that we live in times of great transformations, I want to ignite conscious innovation in my organizations and inspire the museum sector to create meaningful museology experiences as a mean to clarify misconceptions, deepen one’s knowledge, strengthen critical thinking, increase empathy and engage society with the world’s urgent challenges.