Almudena Roman

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 14

Almudena Roman
CEO Retail Baking
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Madrid

As a child, I enjoyed being accountable without the need to command but rather involving others in my mission, or getting myself involved in others' missions.

The sense of belonging to something bigger and stronger than me- my family, my groups of friends, my basketball team during the teenage years, brought me to the desire of becoming a really good team player: splitting tasks, creating safety, doing greater things than ourselves.

Later I learned that we were all unique. And that was actually an amazing perspective. I am still busy with it.

Leadership is present in everyone, only in different dimensions.  Sometimes easier, sometimes harder to be perceived.

Leadership is about personal accountability, about dealing with our inner-selves as much as we deal with the others; and the inner dimension is in itself huge, amazing and essential to understand in order to be useful for others, for our team and for the world.

My personal purpose is about creating a daily impact in an uncertain, highly technological, zero cost but a very expensive fast-changing world. I strive to create open and positive team dynamics that make a short and long-term difference in personal and business growth.