Amena Lee Schlaikjer

Amena Lee Schlaikjer
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Shanghai
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 06

I was referred to THNK by Liu Yan.



I am a wellness innovator, health coach and facilitator of ideas that create change. I am passionate about how people thrive and where health and creativity come into play in that process.


I grew up as a world traveler from my diplomatic childhood, enjoying the multitude of diverse perspectives life has to offer.  I started my career by combining my Asian Studies from Columbia University and Marketing from F.I.T. to help entrepreneurs build new businesses in New York and eventually Shanghai - learning the ins and outs of attracting new markets and thinking outside the box for solutions.  Starting in the lifestyles industry, I have worked on the launches of Vogue, M.A.C and Zagat Survey before being lured by the innovation world to help open Whatif’s first China office and growing the team to 20 people.  There, I helped operate the team for 4 years, co-invent projects from chocolate to cars to creams, and ultimately, be fascinated by what makes Chinese consumers tick.


Following a desire to facilitate ideas that inspire others towards healthier choices in a more sustainable world, I have since moved on to start my own socially-minded enterprise called The Wellness Works; where I co-create with brands using innovation methodology and find ways to support the community.  I am also the acting Shanghai manager of LOHASia where I get much of her market research support and speak at conferences to represent China.  Project-based, I work with several ad hoc teams in a co-working style on ideas that create personal change for the common good: be it through corporate wellness strategies, experiential events and trainings that inspire new behavior, or innovating healthier products and services that give back.


Certified Yoga Teacher, Dive Master, and coach-in-ever-training, I am fascinated by the world of self-mastery and transformation in my down time.  Globe trotting on occasion, I currently live in Shanghai with my two cats, Sheba and Spirit.