Ammar Al-Saleh

THRIVE - Class 02

Ammar Al-Saleh
Senior Counsel
My pronouns are: he/him/his
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
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I am a lawyer that specializes in the area of access to finance legal reform. I grew up in the Middle East and currently work for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development based in the London HQ, but have been fortunate to call both London (the city where I work, graft, and hopefully excel) and Amsterdam (the city where I live with my partner and our cat "Jordan") home for the past eight years.

While my career began in traditional law, it quickly evolved into creative planning for impact and community development. I currently facilitate innovative solutions for countries transitioning to market economies, leveraging their cultural strengths and connecting them with business best practices, and supporting them with sustainable and inclusive growth.

I believe three things awaken my soul: travel, reading, and the outdoors. I would describe myself as a curious explorer, always looking to experience new and challenging opportunities in the interest of self-discovery. Travel is a personal passion of mine as I get to enjoy the culture and arts scene in every city, adding value to both my professional and personal aspirations. I see beauty in small things like natural scenery or reading a book. I like to be surrounded by people who are spirited, creative, hands-on, and who, in the middle of everything, never forget the healing power of a good laugh. This type of curious playfulness helps recharge my batteries by introducing me to new and interesting perspectives and inspiring new projects and ambitions.