Ana Caldeira

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 04

Ana Caldeira
Project Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon

I’m Ana, a simplicity enthusiast! A “less is more” kind of girl!

I truly believe that’s why I enjoy so much working in the public sector, at Turismo de Portugal. Helping center our projects on both an excellent user experience (citizens, tourists, entrepreneurs, work colleagues, depending on who our projects’ audience may be) as well as a a simpler, quicker and easier visit, is a thrilling challenge for me.

Although I’ve always been a dog person, I’m currently and thoroughly owned by a stray cat. I’m his friendly host and ensure that every day he enjoys his stay in my home.

I am tempted to describe my journey through leadership in the same way. Leadership often requires you to take people, in what I always try to be a pleasant journey, to destinations they would not go without guidance. Leading change needs us to embrace some characteristics like tolerance, kindness, forgiveness, and humility. We might not have an immediate reward but if the change is a good one people will eventually be thankful for it.

Hopefully Rufus (named in honor of Rudolfo Valentino’s beautiful eyes) will be thankful for his new home, or not… and that’s okay as well, because I know I did all that I could so he would benefit from the change.