Anda Magdalena Vilsanescu

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 09

Anda Magdalena Vilsanescu
Professor of Language and Society
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam


Currently I am working in Education teaching Language and Society. For almost two decades I have dedicated myself to teach Spanish Linguistics at Universities in Europe and in the US. I have also collaborated with Plus Europe Foundation in Barcelona as a Senior Consultant. I have a Bachelors in Philology and Theology and a Masters in Linguistics and Interculturality. Now, I´m finishing my PhD Thesis in Philosophy of the Sacred and Education.


Regarding myself I could say I am an intercultural spirit, born in the Carpathians, looking for unity in diversity, seeking to develop bridges between people from different cultures, bringing them closer and working together.


My goals are to develop a cultural-social-economic project relating and integrating people from two Cultural European Capitals, Barcelona and Timisoara in a global context. In the near future I would like to work at a World Council.

What motivated me to join THNK was the desire to develop a proper use of my strengths and weaknesses in order to succeed as a leader enriched by a large variety of cultural and organisational backgrounds.


My life experiences have taught me that when you make a choice and take an action there will be consequences which will make a difference on a large scale, so every time you do something think about it.


My passions include Classical Music and Jazz, Opera, poetry and visual arts, communicating with people, travel, dance, swimming and running. Currently, I live with my lovely dog Charles.