Ander Pomposo

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 05

Ander Pomposo
Researcher and Practitioner in Innovation and Leadership
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Bilbao

I was referred to THNK by Emer Beamer.



I have always believed in the need to restore the person to the centre of society and business. I have been working for a long time pursuing that objective, and for this reason I wanted to start my own project. After talking about it for many years, in April 2012 I decided to put my passion for a change to work and ikasHUB is the result. IkasHUB is a co-learning lab based in Bilbao which aim is to design learning experiences that enable lifelong talent/s development.


I possess 10 years of experience within the financial sector as auditor of Price WaterHouse Coopers and business manager in Santander Bank. My professional work has given me the opportunity to share time and experiences with a large number of people, always learning something new and different. One of my biggest achievements was to collaborate with local communities in Namibia, Botswana and Ethiopia with the project “Sustainable and responsible tourism in Africa”. During this time I learned that only with respect for local resources and working for the benefit of the community is it possible to have a sustainable and responsible global impact. After these experiences, the moment has come to start something new: a project in which to serve as an inspiration and connector of ideas and people, with the aim of working together towards a better future, a future built upon humanist values.