Aneta Sarna

Aneta Sarna
Head of Program / Independent
I am based in: Warshaw
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 17

I come from Poland and am a native of Warsaw, but have not lived there for a while. In the past decade, I lived in Somalia, Kenya, Iraq and now Turkey.

Since my early youth, I have been passionate about civil society and mobilizing communities for greater impact, first as a youth activist in my town and neighborhood, then as a non-profit founder. After several years of working in Poland with the civil society organizations, I shifted my career to more global and international development focused issues.

For the past eight years, I worked as a humanitarian worker in several organizations and countries, often in fragile states and conflict or post-conflict settings. Currently, I work with the Danish Refugee Council as Head of Program in Turkey. In my role, I mobilize and support partnerships and work on deep foresight and strategic thinking for our programming. I am passionate about connecting people & thrive in environments where I am called upon to establish networks & institutions.

I am a strong believer in the power of civil society and enjoy supporting non-profits to function better & be more agile to changing realities, & fit for purpose, both now & in the future.

When I’m not working I travel. Most likely you would find me scuba diving and volunteering to support the environmental biodiversity of seas and oceans. I am also a cook and a foodie, always hosting and gathering people around my dining table, wherever that table is.