Ângela Marcal

Ângela Marcal
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon
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I am people-oriented by nature, spreading positive energy around me and fighting for what I believe in. I am the mother of two young boys, and find my energy sources in family, good conversations with friends, books and cooking for family and friends. One of my key motivations is to help individuals make the most of their potential.


I am a Visiting Professor and Lecturer in communication skills for MBA and Executive Master Programmes at ISEG, a renowned Lisbon Business School. As an Associate Certified Coach by ICF, I deliver certified executive coaching for top and middle managers, strategic thinking workshops, one-to-one and group facilitation. I have been working in the training & consulting field for 18 years: behavioral training and consulting in people management, change management, leadership style analysis, team-building, presentation skills, conflict resolution and time management.


During 15 years, I worked as Managing Partner of Dynargie in Portugal, an international training and consultancy firm. My main mission consisted in leading teams and fostering business development: from managing the Lisbon-based office, visiting key accounts and leading sales teams in Portugal to opening new offices and launching start-ups in overseas markets (Brazil and Angola).


Later on, as Managing Director of The Talent City, I developed talent recruitment skills: competency based interviews, soft skills interviews, management of platforms for online employer branding and young talent recruitment.


I now share my professional life between Escola Europeia de Coaching, where I work as Director of Operations & Coach and Film D, of which I am Director of Human Resources and Communications.