Anke Dijkstra

Anke Dijkstra
HR Business Partner
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Utrecht
THNK connection: Staff

Finding a meaning, doing what makes you happy and gives you energy, and making a contribution to the world, those are things that drive me.

Born in the Netherlands but moved abroad (Suriname, Rwanda and Burundi) with my parents until I was 10. These years gave me the realization at an early age that the place where your crib stands affects the opportunities you get in life. One of the reasons why I went to study Cultural Anthropology in Utrecht.

I love to travel and explore (close to home and further away). I really enjoy being active outdoors in nature and also do yoga and meditation. Visiting the theatre, dancing at festivals, cooking for friends/family, going out for drinks/dinner, are few of the things I prefer doing in my spare time.

I like lightheartedness and depth, humor and being serious. Connection and real contact are important to me and my own coaching practice has also emerged from this. After 6.5 years working in HR with the National Police, I made the switch to THNK where I'm very excited to make a contribution to the beautiful mission THNK has.