Ann Zhang

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 07

Ann Zhang
I am based in: Shanghai

I am currently engaged in the Sustainable Water Management sector. One of my projects is to introduce European Water Stewardship System ( in China. We help organizations (industries or agricultures) to mitigate their water risk, and to design collective initiatives for a group of stakeholders in the same river basin based on water stewardship scheme. Meanwhile, I am partnering with international start-ups in the innovative water technology field, to create a new market in China.

My passion is to leverage the power of business and technology to tackle social challenges. I have been engaged in market entry and strategic business development in China for almost a decade. My last project involves leading a big M&A team for a large European automobile company to set up joint ventures with Chinese state-owned OEMs.

Participating in the Executive Leadership Program at THNK helped me find my call to the future. My belief is that everyone can bring a positive difference to the world in order to make it better. I also got enlightenment at THNK: we are all connected. If a challenge is big enough in China, it will also be a challenge for the rest of the world. In other words, we are interdependent.

I am 43, married, and live with my fantastic husband in the Shanghai region of China. We like traveling to different countries, hiking, meeting friends, and learning new cultures. I am an experienced Yoga practitioner and Yoga teacher. I like Paul Graham’s words for start-ups: live in the future and build what seems interesting!

I was nominated to become a THNKer by Ming Wai Yun