Annemarie Steen

Annemarie Steen
Innovation Faculty
I am based in: Eindhoven
THNK connection: Faculty


I am a creative, playful and passionate educator. I started working as an actress for Dutch television at the age of 13. I played lead roles in several youth series, one about a women's prison and another in a German movie. After graduating in Film- & Television studies (MA), I went tour-leading in India and Nepal, where I discovered my natural abilities to connect to a large variety of people and cultures.


In 1998 I started working as a self-employed trainer with DOOR Training & Consulting, delivering training in sales, management and leadership (7 habits). After experiencing a burn-out in 2002, I rediscovered the power of Play and went on a quest to live a more playful life. This finally led to finding my mission in life; to invite adults to leave their comfort zone and enter their play zone, where deep learning takes place (while having fun at the same time). I have put this into practice since 2010 with my own company SteenTrain.

As a life long learner, I like to study Positive Psychology, Leadership and everything exciting and new under the sun. I am a member of the Applied Improvisation Network and am currently a guest lecturer (in a playful way) at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, the Estonian Business School and of course at THNK.


I was invited to speak at TEDxTallaght in Dublin in 2014