Arnaud Collery

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 06

Arnaud Collery
Global Chief Happiness Officer
I am based in: New York

After working in finance, politics, luxury in US/FRANCE/Japan, I left it all to become an actor in US in 2004. Instead, I became the first non-native English speaker to become a stand-up comedian and screenwriter quite actively on the US comedy scene. I produced the award-winning 'Little Klaus Big World', an underground international off-beat comedy in 2012. In 2012-2014 I helped tech companies as a creative coach, won a hackathon, started my own hackathon, and was an EIR at in Africa. In 2014 I decided to open the first happiness agency in NY and am now a trainer/speaker and coach on happiness techniques for Fortune 500 such as Cartier, J&J, Novartis, the UN. I am also a global public speaker and public speaker coach. I was twice a TedX speaker, the host and coach of TedX Champs Elysees Women, the coach of TedX Monaco and have started my own forum.

I am the founder of where speakers focus on their purpose rather than their ideas. Everything concerning passion, purpose, and happiness drives me. In 2016-2017 I spoke at the World Happiness Summit in Miami, Happiness and Innovation forum in Aruba, as the panel Moderator for the World Happiness Report in NY, Happiness forum in Dubai, and the Happiness at Work Summit in Denmark.