Aurel Hosennen

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 13

Aurel Hosennen
Country Communications Manager at IKEA Switzerland
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Zürich

Our world has turned into a 24/7 network society. Everything seems connected and change is omnipresent. Merge it with technology and change is supercharged. I am eager to learn and develop a new awareness and skills in how to lead, drive and catalyse change. Ultimately, to become a true change-maker for good.

Major technical, social and institutional shifts are happening today. I challenge myself to read the signs of the time and to discover the underlying hidden potential.

My background is in computer science and communication. Working interdisciplinary and drawing inspiration from various fields has guided me throughout my career. I believe in the notion "great leaders are readers". Reading books, blogs, magazines and connecting a diverse range of topics inspires me.

In 2016, I was appointed Deputy of the Co-Chair at the UN Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on Women's Economic Empowerment. The panel brought leaders from different constituencies together to launch a shared global agenda that accelerates women’s economic empowerment.

Democratic Design Day in Switzerland is an event that I co-founded and co-organise with my team and various partners. The yearly event invites the community, designers, makers and the many people to discuss and workshop on what design can do in tackling today's challenges.

I worship the Internet for what it offers to me - unlimited access to new thinking, ideas and information at a fingertip. While I do read a lot, it is only when interacting with people that I start exploring. That is why I call many people a "mentor". Most of them do not even know me as I am reading their books and writings. Watch out - you might be among them.