Barbara Piper-Roelofs

Barbara Piper-Roelofs
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
Other projects and organizations include: Be Rooted
THNK connection: Faculty

"When you drop from your head into your heart, life becomes clear and purposeful."

We all want to feel safe, belong and add value, don't we? To feel good about ourselves and what we are doing.

The focus of my work is to support professionals in their personal leadership and well-being at work. My strength in this is creating safe spaces for professionals across the globe to connect to themselves and each other. To learn about the application of contemplative and compassionate practices. That directing your attention inward first, calms and clears the mind, and supports you find root in where you are, where you came from and where you want to go.

I call these (corporate) spaces 'Pockets of Light'; workplace platforms where professionals feel safe and which facilitate moments of compassion - where we realise that we are not alone and we can empower ourselves by finding root in our heart, mind and body.

After a successful 20+ year career in international communication management in large corporates followed by leadership roles in health care facilities, I switched to a third career to share my experience and knowledge in corporate and academic environments.

My experiences living and working abroad, building cross and intercultural sensitivity allow me to work in a broad range of people as well as organisational cultures. I hold an MA in Communication, am a certified Stanford trained Compassion facilitator. My approach is systemic, somatic and holistic, combining different wisdom traditions in online as well as live programs, during silent retreats.

At THNK, my roles are both senior leadership faculty as well as program director for corporate clients. Amongst other clients, I thoroughly enjoy being dedicated to leadership programs for Fugro, ASML, Adyen and DSM.