Becky Blomgren

Becky Blomgren
Team Assistant
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: Staff

I am passionate about engaging directly with people, solving interesting puzzles, and turning chaos into order. I’ll excitedly discuss your dreams and roadblocks, and then I’ll turn that into a color-coded-spreadsheet action-plan and get to work.

I was born and raised in a US town called Normal (really!), where I vividly remember fields of corn that were “knee high by July” at the nearby farm. It was here that I discovered the power of storytelling and got my degree in Theatre and Acting. After university, I spent 15 years in Chicago as a performer and administrator, working mostly in the non-profit sector and with a variety of creative organizations. My favorite work though, was as a volunteer bedside companion at Lurie Children’s Hospital. Put simply, it was my job to visit patients who were struggling and figure out how to make them happy.

Eventually, I decided I wanted a change and relocated to Amsterdam where I feel like I’ve finally found “home”. Now, I’m taking my passion for working directly with people and my skills with storytelling and communication and focusing on work in the Learning & Development field. For fun, I continue to perform, I record audiobooks, and I do live storytelling for online groups. I’m also currently working my way through all 800+ episodes and movies in the Star Trek franchise. Live long and prosper.