Ben Tirone Nunes

Ben Tirone Nunes
Lisbon General Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon
THNK connection: Author, Staff

I am the general manager at THNK Lisbon. I started this position fresh out of my MSc in Environmental Economics and Management at Cranfield, and grew into it by taking on the financial management role of the Lisbon location and assisting the Community lead. Being a part of THNK Lisbon for the past years has been an experience of building and learning, and each day I am looking to learn more from the participants and the challenges ahead.

Having grown up in Lisbon, I am fluent in English, Portuguese, German, and eloquent in Italian, enjoying understanding the basics of more languages and cultures. One of my passions is music - fascinated by its power to reach deep into people’s emotions, I listen to a lot and participates in shows. If you have an ask in new music, I’ll be very happy to oblige. Having been in the THNK Community ever since September 2013, I have forged deep connections with many THNKers, always bridging and seeking to create new connections.

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