Berend-Jan Hilberts

Berend-Jan Hilberts
My experience and deep interests:
THNK connection: Author, Faculty

I passionately support social intra- and entrepreneurs in their personal quest to grow into and thrive as a complete creative leader. I get a big kick out of witnessing THNKers grow their competencies and mindsets during the THNK journey; stumble upon obstacles, and; overcome those with the support of their peers and new-found resilience; yielding deeper self-mastery and weaving strong bonds amongst one another.

I root for them with all my heart in successfully applying what they learned during the THNK journey to shape the world around them towards a better future. Having spent the first 20 years of my professional life in business strategy and innovation, blending in a family tradition in education and sprinkling things that stuck from my academic studies of psychology and economics, I now have a strong drive to guide talented, ambitious and rebellious THNKers to flourish at the intersection of their inner journey of self-actualisation as creative leaders and their outer journey of bringing into the world new ideas that solve societal challenges and innovative business models towards a prosperous planet and a thriving humanity.

I take special satisfaction from having guided all THNKers (in the Amsterdam-based programs) through their journeys. Getting regular updates on the progress in their personal development and their worldly endeavors fill me with pride and joy. Where possible, I will try to be the matchmaker between different THNKers working on related topics, weaving the network of the THNK community tighter and stronger and hopefully adding to their respective impact.

In addition to getting a lot of energy from working with the special people we call THNKers, I boost my energy by going for long rides on my 29-inch MTB in the dunes in Holland or the mountains in Italy and spending most of my non-working time with my wonderful wife and two boys.

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