Beth Allgood

Beth Allgood
US Director
I am based in: Washington DC
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 17

I am the US Director at the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Washington DC. I have over 20 years of experience in conservation and international development. I currently lead the planning and implementation of US policy, campaigns, and projects and IFAW's work with the US government and international organizations to advance IFAW's global priorities. Professionally, I am most passionate about my work on the link between animals and human happiness and wellbeing and am now dedicating my time to taking this work forward. I am starting my own organization to advocating for change on the national and international policy level, holistic community engagement with wildlife that benefits wildlife and people, and innovative practices that link wildlife and human wellbeing in all sectors of society.

My husband of 13 years makes double basses. We have a 10-year old daughter. My professional interest in happiness and holistic wellbeing came from a desire to create more joy and holistic wellbeing in my own life. This was catalyzed by a cancer scare 10 years ago. I love to travel, learning new things and experiencing new cultures, and seeing wildlife and wilderness.