Brandon Oelofse

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 16

Brandon Oelofse
My pronouns are: he/him/his

Born in South Africa but raised globally, I currently call Amsterdam home. My leadership journey began as a film and television director leading creatives to a common vision. I have produced over 150 music videos, 50 adverts, television shows, shorts and documentaries. 

I have been a part of content creation, conceptual design and content strategy for big international brands in digital, telecoms, automotive and fast-moving consumer goods. My focus has been on storytelling and target audience profiling that has proven a winning recipe in communicating for brands and organisations.

A turning point for me was in 2011 when I was asked by a major telecom brand to target poverty node audiences with products they didn’t need. I felt like the media I helped produce should be used for good rather than exploiting the vulnerable. I pivoted in the last 10 years to focus on using media for behavior change and helping civil society/journalism outlets in restrictive settings to drive their messages more effectively with media.

My first campaigns in South Africa targeted young people to access and create media to address social issues in their communities. Since then I have been working with teams across the globe in legacy media and for-good sectors using online campaigns advocating for access to safe abortions in Nigeria, countering online hate in Europe and countering violent extremism in the Middle East.

I started Media Development Collective in 2021 with the spirit of collaborative change, and we offer training and consulting to the for-purpose sector and independent media organizations who want to change the world for good. 

When not gallivanting around the world, I tell stories, brew my own apple cider, make music on the double bass and play rugby (because who needs spare time, right?).