Brandon Oelofse

Brandon Oelofse
Director RNTC
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 17

A die-hard multi-tasker, I have worked in advertising, business, marketing, education, and production. Because it was impossible to create a business card with all this on, I was dubbed “The Creator of Awesome.” I have conceptualized and directed over 150 music videos for big-name artists in Africa and have made some memorable ads for African and Middle Eastern markets. I have led creative on UX design for VOD platforms, innovative content, and programs while focusing on the audience. I have worked in over 60 countries with creative teams in content, campaign design thinking, and marketing strategy.

I play social rugby for the Amsterdam Lowlanders and am affectionately known as “The Hulk.” I make apple cider as a hobby and am learning the double bass. Current pursuits include the search of the best cheesecake and mastering Instagram as a “Tail-end Millennial."

I currently work in media development as the Director of RNTC, an international organization specializing in media for behavior change.