Bruno Rothstein

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 07

Bruno Rothstein
Think Designer
I am based in: Lisbon

I'm 36 years old, Jewish, from Brazil. I have the most incredible woman on my side and I'm lucky to have a sweet and very intelligent two-year-old daughter called Nina. We have two smart dogs, which I trained myself.

From 9 to 22 years old, I had the opportunity to know an innovative way of education: non-formal education. Through experiential living, I was able to learn and educate efficiently, using emotion, creativity, and freedom as keys to awake the curiosity and self-belief.

I'm graduated in social communication. As a copywriter and creative planner, I have experienced many different kinds of ad agencies, where I have had the opportunity to write, create, plan, and, above all, think about how brands should behave and communicate with their target.

My hobby is to constantly encourage myself to experience the new. I love transformation. I am fascinated by change. I have a very natural way of adapting myself to different and extreme atmospheres and situations. I like to learn new habits and cultures, but also to put them in some way in my life. They make me think differently and have other perspectives.

I see myself as an eternal cultural traveler with an extremely adventurous spirit. I am passionate about life, nature inspires me. I appreciate art no matter how it is expressed. I'm a true technology and innovation addict. I'm a team player. I trust everyone until they prove me wrong. I am a believer. I want to make a positive impact in the world.