Carin Ism

Carin Ism
General Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Stockholm
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 11

I am an effective altruist and artist. Since 2014, I have been the General Manager of the Global Challenges Foundation, working to raise awareness of risks that threaten the existence of a billion people and investigating which global governance structures would be capable of better tackling the management of these. The risks range from large-scale environmental degradation to nuclear arms, AI and nanotechnology. In November 2016 the GCF launched a USD $5 million prize seeking new models for global cooperation – an open call to everyone on the planet, which accepts submissions between the 1st of April and 31st of September 2017.


My journey began as an activist at the age of 14 and encompassed a decade of initiating and coordinating projects and networks purposed to re-imagine gender and relationships in the 21st century. Prioritizing optimization of these social models had its point of departure in how much time and human capacity is continuously wasted on obsolete systems stemming from eras long-past, which have on their conscience immense suffering and innumerable casualties of shame.


As an artist, I create multi-medium pieces, predominantly in large-scale, focusing on glass murals. My work explores themes of de- and reconstruction of dogmas and perceived reality. The red thread in my work has been, and continues to be, the re-imagination of the constructs that were given to us by our contexts, looking into how to optimize them for our time, place, cognitive abilities and ultimate ideals.