Carolina Larrazábal

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 17

Carolina Larrazábal
Co-founder BuildX Studio
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
I am based in: Nairobi, Kenya

An architect by background, I co-founded BuildX Studio in 2016 with the belief that if buildings are designed and built holistically, we can create more thriving, equitable and sustainable communities.

At BuildX we strive to create the buildings of a radically better tomorrow: buildings that are net-zero carbon or climate-positive, which are equitably designed and built and which enhance the quality of life of the people living in those spaces. I am a firm believer that innovation is the only way to get us there: to tackle our changing world, we cannot keep thinking the way we used to.

In the last five years as a Design Director, I have grown a team of 3 to 35 passionate individuals and together we are changing the way we build, towards a better future.

My role at BuildX is shifting to further our impact through design and innovation and positions me as the leading creative voice within the company together with my co-founder, who is also shifting roles. I believe that THNK will provide me with the right tools to thrive in this role and take BuildX to the next level. I greatly enjoy being a THNKer, and part of a network that broadens my horizons and challenges me.

On a personal level, I am eager to reflect more deeply on my goals and presence as a leader and to do this surrounded by other people who perhaps are going through similar self-discovery journeys. Last but not least, I believe in learning through doing, so having the opportunity to learn about leadership in an anti-classroom approach really excites me.