Cécile van Oppen

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 06

Cécile van Oppen
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I was referred to THNK by Karim Benemmar.



I am a sustainability professional who is constantly seeking for ways to create breakthrough innovations through collaborative (business) models. It is my conviction that sustainability is more than a technical exercise, more boldly said: process and financial innovation are almost prerequisites to unlock technical innovation. Rather than focusing on the systemic barriers imposed on us, I focus on changing the rules on project-level creating new micro-level systems in which sustainability can flourish. After all, if it was us who created the rules for today’s society that impedes sustainability, isn’t it us who can change the rules?


My dedication to this cause culminated in Copper8, a firm which I co-established in 2013. The goal of Copper8 is to achieve impactful sustainability projects and to set a new benchmark regarding consulting firms, having completely redesigned the foundations of a traditional consultancy. Copper8’s projects are in the manufacturing and construction industries in order to make the impactful projects optimally visible; serving as a basis for others to be inspired. Copper8 also works proactively to create change in industries where a new way of thinking can lead to breakthroughs.


As a former athlete, I know what dedication is and is stubbornly activated when confronted with the phrase - “it isn’t possible". I draw inspiration from Nelson Mandela who once said that “everything seems impossible until it has been done”. Aside from my professional life, I an avid cook and still a sports enthusiast; frequently competing in triathlons, playing squash and finding balance in Pilates. Having traveled the world at a young age, I am an adventurer at heart, but am most happy working with nature’s forces when sailing.