Charlie Downing

Charlie Downing
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: Faculty

My parents are seventy five years old and still develop waterparks. My sister and I spent our childhoods in various parts of Australia and the world as my family followed their passion for exploration and play – and waterslides! Not much has changed in my adult life: I live to explore and think play is a key to fulfilment.

I build consumer brands for a living because understanding people is what makes me tick, and influencing businesses to positively contribute to culture is what drives me.

I’m grateful to have been a caretaker of some of the world’s most-loved lifestyle brands in food & beverage alcohol. Having spent fifteen years with global corporations I’m now energised by the risk, perseverance and creativity that comes from freelancing. I specialise in innovation, brand positioning and design - and do so by bringing multinational rigour with entrepreneurial flair to my work.

As my career’s progressed, unlocking potential in people has become even more of a passion than products. Creative Leadership is an itch I’ve long-wanted to scratch, and so joining the faculty at THNK is a move I’m relishing.

I’m a dad to two strong, kind and powerful girls - I have a third daughter on the way - and am married to a superhero. When I’m not a kid wrangler on weekends, you’ll find me cooking (coffee or cocktail in hand. Sometimes one in each hand.)