Charlotte Wout

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 07

Charlotte Wout
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I was referred to THNK by Rajiv Ball.



I started my own companies: Bear In Mind ™ and The Social Impact Company ™ after holding several leadership positions within ING Group and Warchild, where I was responsible as a board member for Marketing, Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships. Nowadays I serve leaders in bringing inspiration, co-creation and innovation towards organizations, individuals and teams.


Bear In Mind has its focus on developing leaders and teams to their full potential by thoroughly examining paradigms, preconceptions and assumptions, which restrain us from ‘being in the moment’ where inspiration, creation and invention can be found.


The Social Impact Company its focus is making social companies big and big companies social with the aid of innovation, inspiration and creation. Taking care of People, Planet and Profit, this company invents new business models with stakeholders (e.g. among them THNK).


Both companies work from the core principle and the mission statement that:

"It is only through our own vulnerability that we can encourage and inspire those around us to achieve things they never thought possible".


I hold a university degree in Economics and am a certified trainer and coach  in MBTI, NLP and Franklin Coveys “ 7 habits of highly effective people”.  I am the founder of Curves and Edges ™ a social enterprise which serves customers with handmade furniture, made by youth from broken families, giving them a second chance.


As a Hoffman Process graduate (UK) and coach, I examined my own patterns on a deeper spiritual level. Besides playing competition golf and being with friends, I love Amsterdam by bike and night. I get a twinkle in my eyes from the smell of a good fire place in combination with the taste of a good glass of wine. MY ambition is to live life to the fullest and being in the present moment.