Chiel Schoevaars

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 10

Chiel Schoevaars
 VP Europe Controller
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Almere


Besides being proficient in Finance and Accounting, I am a highly analytical thinker, team builder and practical change manager. I investigate the true information needs of people; design and implement finance systems with and for people enabling them to take better control over their situation. At this moment I am looking for my next thing to do.


Born and raised in the countryside of Holland and I enjoyed being a student in Tilburg. Following my multicultural AIESEC internship in Atlanta, I kept a keen interest in people from diverse cultures and the desire for working internationally for MNC. I have worked for Big4 audit firms on various international assignments. Subsequently, in Holland and abroad, I worked for US listed and PE controlled companies as VP of Finance and CFO.


The main focus in my work is the simplification and streamlining of corporate and finance processes, driven by the conviction we all need to innovate and change. People whether they are consumers, customers or employees want simple reliable information quicker, they want transparency and control over their environment.


I believe that change is power. Change will help individuals to make better choices and the world to develop. Better and simpler information will accelerate this process and empower people to make the right choices. At the same time the speed of sharing knowledge can be overwhelming. The elimination of information boundaries may become scary for those people who feel that changes are too many & quickly and feel loosing control over their environment.


In all change management projects and restructuring projects, I believe it is key to empower people in any change. Participation and empowerment will help participants to identify better solutions not only serving them, yet also their environment.


I love to share my hardcore knowledge on systems and application of soft skills to develop the best teams and systems. I do so as a coach in my consultant role, and share my insights at various lectures.
I now live with my smart and lovely spouse in Naarden. I have three kids who are on the verge of becoming independent and only partially still live at home. My family loves being outdoors: sailing, skiing, camping and a regular BBQ. I also love music. Classical music from the Middle Ages to minimal music of Arvo Part, jazz music and even the Techno created by my sons.