Christof Hawle

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 08

Christof Hawle
I am based in: Utrecht

My current enterprise is to create a non-profit startup school to foster entrepreneurship in regions with high youth unemployment. To realize this, I spent 2015 in Valencia, Spain, to get the pilot off the ground.

DELITELABS offers a 5 weeks program that provides a safe zone for aspiring entrepreneurs to foster business skills as well as personal development. I enjoy working with and encouraging young people, hence the motivation to create DELITELABS. I have combined my professional skills in business model innovation, with the passion to work with young people, and the drive to make a societal impact. DELITELABS has been nominated by Duurzame Dinsdag (Annual Dutch sustainability prizes where initiatives get presented to the Dutch cabinet).

As a management consultant, I have helped multinational, predominantly chemical and petrochemical companies over the past 10 years with their business transformations. My activities in other industries include consumer electronics, aviation, banking, health-care, and logistics. My work spanned across a variety of functional areas, from marketing and sales excellence to operations and supply chain topics, as well as R&D, innovation, and strategy. Over the past few years I have specialized in combining this broad experience into a holistic view on (digital) business model innovation and transformation. Since 2014, I have assumed the competence group lead for the BNL Capgemini Consulting practice of business model transformation.

Prior to DELITELABS, I spent my private time being involved in fringe art projects in Amsterdam, working on designing computer games and electronic music. I am a driven optimist whose restless analytical mind is constantly scanning for challenges. I have an educational background in chemical engineering and financial management. My motto is ad astra * per aspera.

I am Viennese by birth, Amsterdammer by choice, and cosmopolitan by conviction.