Constança Belchior

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 03

Constança Belchior
I am based in: Lisbon, Portugal
Other projects and organizations include: One of Us and SAGA Agency

My work and mission in life are centered around the environment and broader sustainability, operating at the interface of science, policy, and society.

To this day, I had been embedded in systems and organizations mostly focused on supporting policy making and implementation, both in Europe and abroad. My core activities entailed translating environmental data and trends into knowledge for sustainability while participating in and facilitating collaboration processes to turn knowledge into action.

In 2017, I took a leap of faith to explore different possibility spaces for making this a world where we can all thrive within the means of the planet. I am a founding partner of One of Us – a sustainable brand for kids based in Portugal. I am co-creating SAGA – a co-design agency for sustainability based in Lisbon. And more recently, I have joined the THNK Lisbon family to become a Challenge facilitator.

What drives me hopeful into the future? The belief that we can collectively re-shape our current unsustainable world by a deeper understanding of why and how we engage with ourselves, with other people and with our planet. So, you´ll keep finding me exploring innovative approaches to this endeavor!