Cristina Freire

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 10

Cristina Freire
Sustainability Entrepreneur
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam


After graduating in Environmental Sciences in Spain, I have built up 16 years of professional experience in EMEIA and the US in environmental and sustainability affairs, with a wide network in Brussels and the Mediterranean countries and expertise in key sectors which are showing us the potential to switch to a net-zero, closed-loop economy: utilities, tech, automotive, healthcare and food and beverage.


From my solid background in the non-profit environmental space, I remain a strong advocate for the value of teaming up and innovating collaboratively – without forgetting about the value of determination and perseverance, of course.


I believe in the power of purpose-based environmental narratives to communicate to -and engage with- governments and corporations, customers and citizens and drive meaningful change. We can change ourselves –and inspire others to change too- through the challenges we address, through the solutions we build, through the alliances we create… and also through the words we say.


My top 3 goals for joining THNK, are emphasized on the opportunity to push my creative entrepreneurial potential to the max, to join a challenging, inspiring community and to revisit and refocus my definition of personal and professional success.


I am a spirited mentor of graduates and entrepreneurs and a museum docent. A native Galician, I relocated from Madrid to Amsterdam in 2014 and enjoy the laid-back Dutchness… along with the best music scene on Earth.