Daan van der Tas

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 15

Daan van der Tas
Innovation Lead Commercial Banking
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I was born and raised in a big Catholic family in the Netherlands. Sport has been important for me from an early age and was my main activity besides school. After studies, I started to work for an international publisher and moved from financial responsibilities to setting up Internet propositions.

I found myself playing table football too often at the verge of the dot.com bubble burst, so I moved towards consultancy and did my MBA studies. Those experiences made me develop towards feeling like a ‘problem-solving-engine’, and in the years to come I was praised for my problem solving and goal-oriented nature.

I have a passion for tackling complex organizational issues and leading multiple programs in corporate environments. Although I liked what I was doing, a real purpose was lacking.

Responsible for the search for new business models for the commercial and corporate bank, I started to build an innovation portfolio with the aim to create sustainable impact. Together with frontrunners in the organizations, we defined innovation initiatives that would have to contribute to the circular transition, energy transition, and/or make a social impact. Working with people with a strong drive to create a better world is a great gift. What's important in my leadership and life are honesty, purpose, and respectfulness. I applied for the THNK program to develop myself in my ambition to make more impact on sustainable themes and to develop myself in behaving according to the values I find important.

In my private life, I love to engage in meaningful conversations with my family and friends. I have two boys, aged 14 and 17, and I live in Amsterdam and love to be outdoors. I love to hit the trails on my mountain bike and travel through the Alps with friends as much as possible. When at home I engage in running, cycling and (marathon) ice-skating. With my lovely wife, I visit the Amsterdam theaters frequently. In my personal journey to make better contact with myself and others, I practice (Ashtanga) yoga almost daily.