Dalila Pinto de Almeida

Dalila Pinto de Almeida
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon
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I have a degree in Psychology and a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management. After being HR Manager in a building industry company, I joined the consultancy business. I was partner of Sdo Consultoria and during that period I managed two businesses: Outdoor Training and Executive Search. Ten years later I was partner of Eurogroup Consulting, where I ran the Executive Search business and was also involved in Change Management Programs.


Last year I founded my own company DPA Consultoria and work mainly in Coaching either individual or team Coaching as well as with Executive Search.


I completed my coaching training with ICC (International Coaching Community) in 2006.


In 2011 I published Mudar de Vida (Life's Change)- a book about top level professionals who changed their careers in a radical way. The book analyses these professional's testimonials, showing the importance of building a personal strategy based in self-knowledge.