Daniël Roos

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 12

Daniël Roos
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I started my career in the banking sector and continued as a management consultant. Thirteen years ago I took a rigorous step quitting my job to create JINC. I felt it was no longer acceptable to stand by and notice that change was necessary for so many aspects of our society without actually doing anything about it. I believe that using the strengths of the private sector is key to bringing structural change in society. We just need to find concepts that add value to both society and corporates.

JINC believes that every child deserves a fair chance on the job market, even if he grows up in deprived areas where there are not so many examples and role models to which they can aspire. That is why JINC helps these young people, from the ages of 8 to 16, to get off to a good start on the job market: through vocational orientation on the job and by teaching (social) skills and giving workshops on entrepreneurship.

In the unique JINC projects, young people aged 8-16 develop skills that will enable them to make it on their own. The JINC learning continuation pathway is a program that consists of seven successive projects. JINC believes this systematic approach is more effective than a one-off intervention. The young people learn to apply for a job, become acquainted with various professions, and, together with a coach, find out what kind of work suits them.

JINC is an association that develops, organizes, and implements projects. JINC is structured like an association whose members (partners) comprise companies, schools, and institutions. Thanks to this business model, we are not dependent on government subsidies. The projects are implemented through and in cooperation with schools. Over 1,750 companies and institutions take part in the JINC projects. They allow their staff members to act as volunteers, e.g. as trainers or coaches. JINC was established in Amsterdam in 2003. JINC is now active in 12 cities in the Netherlands. The projects reach over 45,000 primary schools and preparatory secondary vocational schools.